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Top 10 Free eBook Reader Apps for Android 2020

Top 10 Free eBook Reader Apps for Android 2020: In today’s article, we will give you information about the top 10 ebook reader apps for Android. Many of us enjoy reading ebooks as we know that these days people are becoming more fond of reading online books or Ebooks than printed books.

People now like to read books on their smartphones. Because it is so that whatever you want to read, you can take the books with your mobile to many. And its special thing is that mobile devices provide you a good experience to read books.

It is the reason Android has created Ebook Reader apps. You have to download a copy of the books you need, and then you can read it at a convenient time. But to read, you need to know about those ebook reader apps. So, let us now tell you which are the top 10 ebook reader apps with which you can easily read any online book.

1. Google Play Books

The Google play books app comes with all the functions you would expect from a good reader app. Another great thing is that its sync across all your devices means that you can start reading books on your mobile phone, and if you want to resume and start reading again, you can. It supports the most popular ebook formats. You can download Google Play Books App from Google Play Store.


2. Amazon Kindle

Most of us know how popular Amazon Kindle is for its content and excellent reading experience among readers. You can get the same experience on your phone or tablet with your Kindle App. Similar to the playbook here, users can download books and read them for free. It is the most downloaded Ebook reader app on Google play store. If you want, you can use this app.


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3. Nook

Nook is the app in which you will find a massive collection of books. Like Amazon, you can buy or download your books from the Nook’s Store. This company also regularly adds new features. This application can prove to be better for optimizing your reading experience. This app has received an excellent rating on google play store, and its downloads are also very high.


4. Aldiko

It is considered as the best Ebook reader app. It also supports most eBook formats such as EPUB, PDF format, and Adobe DRM books. It is also a great alternative ebook reader and a great PDF reader. This app lets you buy eBooks at the lowest price. If you want, you can download this app from google play store and use it.


5. Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader is also another great app for reading books. Thousands of e-books are free to download through online libraries. It has some such day and night themes that provide you a good reading experience without harming your eyes. Many things in this app, such as Zooming, page locking, adjusting the brightness level, and many features are given in it. You can also use this app if you want.

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6. Kobo Books

This app is also considered a top-rated app because it has received an excellent rating on the Google Play Store. And its downloads are also very high. You may find this app difficult to use at first, but as soon as you use it, you will find it more comfortable. Like the Playbook, Kindle, and Nook, Kobo is a digital bookstore with over 5 million books.


7. FullReader

You will not find this app very attractive, but it has many features that benefit Readers. Apart from reading e-books, reading PDFs, reading comics, not only that, but users can also listen to audiobooks. FullReader has also promised to support all the Formats. If you use this app, then you will like this app very much.

8. EBookDroid

If you are looking for a good ebook reader, then you must download this app. This app has received excellent ratings on the Google Play Store. And it also has more than 5 million downloads. EBookDroid is also a great comic reader. If you want, you can also use this app. If you use this app, then this app will not disappoint you.


9. Cool Reader

As the name of this app indicates, it is a cool reader app. In this app, the reader gets a cool interface. You may find this app difficult to use at first, but after some time, you will find it more comfortable. You must try using this app. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.


10. PocketBook Reader

You will be surprised to know that Pocketbook is also one of the old Ebook Reader apps. In this app, you will get many such features that you will like this app. It also includes Support for most common Ebook files, Comic books, and PDFs. You can highlight text, prepare notes, lock your screen orientation, and many more features are available. You must try this app once.

We have given you detailed information about the Top 10 Ebooks Reader Apps for Android in today’s article. We hope you liked this article. If you want, you can share this article with your friends. To get information on similar top Android apps, search myandroidcity.com on Google!

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