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Tata Sky Packages Price List 2020 Tata Sky Plans

Tata sky packages price list 2020 tata sky plans: Here are the details of what are the Tata Sky plans and what and how many channels will be found in which plans. You will be able to make a better pack for yourself by checking these recharge plans.

To choose Tata Sky My Pack, you need to know Tata Sky plans and packages. Only then will you be able to select a better pack for yourself.

Here you are given information about all the packs and prices found on Tata Sky. With this, you can also see how many channels will be available in a particular pack. Thoroughly check this article for information about tata sky all packages.

Tata Sky Packages Price List 2020 Updated

You can check the Tata Sky plan and its price in the table given below. Along with this, you can also see the information on how many channels will be available in the prescribed package.

Plans NamePriceTotal Channels
FTA BasicRs. 0.00100
Hindi BachatRs. 36.3431
Hindi SmartRs. 130.0435
Hindi Starter HDRs. 109.3831
Hindi LiteRs. 180.3068
Hindi Lite HDRs. 292.0570
Bengali Hindi Family KidsRs. 216.8288
Bengali Hindi Family SportsRs. 302.6788
Bengali Hindi Family Kids SportsRs. 311.2395
Bengali Hindi Premium Sports EnglishRs. 340.43121
Bengali Hindi Family Kids HDRs. 360.1988
Bengali Hindi BasicRs. 191.1674
Bengali Hindi Basic HDRs. 321.5573
Marathi Hindi Premium Sports EnglishRs. 340.43125
Bengali Hindi Family Sports HDRs. 464.9288
Bengali Hindi Family Kids Sports HDRs. 473.4795
Marathi Hindi Family Kids HDRs. 371.9986
Marathi Hindi BasicRs. 194.7072
Marathi Hindi Basic HDRs. 333.3571Q
Marathi Hindi Family Sports HDRs. 476.7286
Marathi Hindi Family Kids Sports HDRs. 485.2793
Marathi Hindi Family KidsRs. 220.3686
Marathi Hindi Family SportsRs. 306.2186
Marathi Hindi Premium Sports English HDRs. 530.41131
Marathi Hindi Family Kids SportsRs. 314.7093
Hindi BasicRs. 191.1677
Hindi Basic HDRs. 309.7577
Family KidsRs. 216.8291
Family Kids HDRs. 343.6792
Family SportsRs. 302.6791
Family Sports HDRs. 448.4092
Family Kids SportsRs. 311.1098
Family Kids Sports HDRs. 456.9599
Premium Sports EnglishRs. 340.43123
Premium Sports English HDRs. 506.81130
Bengali Hindi Premium Sports English HDRs. 518.61127

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Tata Sky Add-on Plans Price List 2020

Tata Sky offers to add on packs for all customers. So that you can watch channels as per your choice, you can check the information on the available add on plans, price, and channels in the table below.

Add-on PacksPriceTotal Channels
Cricket Hindi HDRs. 42.482
Cricket English HDRs. 44.842
Music HDRs. 11.447
Knowledge and Lifestyle HDRs. 82.3015
English Entertainment HDRs. 87.327
English Movies Mini HDRs. 76.704
Kids Mini HDRs. 45.135
Kids HDRs. 53.3912
Hindi NewsRs. 3.549
Cricket HindiRs. 42.482
Cricket EnglishRs. 44.842
MusicRs. 6.847
Knowledge & Lifestyle MiniRs. 21.539
Knowledge & LifestyleRs. 33.9215
English NewsRs. 21.8311
English EntertainmentRs. 44.845
English Movies MiniRs. 55.464
English MoviesRs. 82.608
Kids MiniRs. 28.615
KidsRs. 35.6911
English Movies HDRs. 162.8411

Tata Sky Regional Plans 2020 All Pack List

The package is also available to watch regional channels on Tata Sky DTH. You can get information about all the local plans available in the table below.

Regional Pack NamePriceChannel List
Gujarati RegionalRs. 8.49Click Here
Tamil Family SportsRs. 253.09Click Here
Kannada Family SportsRs. 257.82Click Here
Tamil Family Kids SportsRs. 268.73Click Here
Kannada Family Kids SportsRs. 273.46Click Here
Telugu Family SportsRs. 280.25Click Here
Telugu Family Kids SportsRs. 295.88Click Here
Kannada Family Sports HDRs. 400.01Click Here
Malayalam Family Sports HDRs. 314.47Click Here
Kannada Family Kids Sports HDRs. 415.65Click Here
Malayalam Family Kids Sports HDRs. 330.10Click Here
Tamil Premium Sports EnglishRs. 443.78Click Here
Telugu Premium Sports EnglishRs. 441.43Click Here
Tamil Telugu BasicRs. 237.16Click Here
Tamil Kannada BasicRs. 230.20Click Here
Tamil Malayalam BasicRs. 184.18Click Here
Telugu Kannada BasicRs. 234.93Click Here
Kannada Malayalam Basic HDRs. 311.04Click Here
Tamil Regional HDRs. 161.76Click Here
Hindi Starter HDRs. 109.38Click Here
Tamil Family Kids Sports HDRs. 438.65Click Here
Telugu Family Kids Sports HDRs. 448.10Click Here

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Tata Sky Plans And Packages Details Online 2020

The price of Tata Sky plans and packages changes from time to time. Therefore, you can also get the latest plans detail on the official website of Tata Sky. Where complete packs list will be found. Let’s give information about checking online tata sky plans.

1. Go to www.tatasky.com.

To get information about the online channel pack, open the official website of Tata Sky. After this, select the Packs option in the menu list. You can also open the website from this link – Tata Sky Packs

2. Filter Tata Sky Plans.

After the Tata Sky website opens, filter the packs. It will make it easier to search the package as per the need. For this, click on the Filter icon. Then choose Pack Type after that apply.


3. Select Plans.

Now all available plans will appear on the screen. From this, select any plan for which you want to check the details. Click on the i button to see the list of channels found in the plans.


4. Check Channels List.

After this, the list of channels found in the selected pack will be visible. You check it. See if the channels you need are included.


5. See All Channels List.

Click on the + icon to see the list of all channels found in the selected Tata sky plans. After this, the channel list will start appearing below.


In this way, you can get the information of all the channels one by one. If you want information about other plans, then select the package on the main page. After this, according to the steps mentioned, you can get the information on channels.

Tata Sky Packages Price List 2020 PDF Download

Tata Sky’s current packages and plans are also available in PDF file. The official Tata Sky has provided information on the packages provided in this pdf file.

Download the pdf file for the Tata Sky packages price list. After this, whenever you need plan details, you will be able to open and check this PDF file immediately – Link


Which pack have you selected in the Tata sky packages price list 2020? What do you think is the best pack in a low budget? Please provide your feedback in the comment box below.

If you find the information of Tata Sky Plans useful, keep this article bookmarked in your browser. So that we can check this list immediately if needed while recharging. Thanks!

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